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MCM Fit Guide is an 8 week total body workout plan.  

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Calling all runners!! Check out my half marathon training plans and my runners nutritional guide. 

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Megan is an avid runner and triathlete. She has completed 15 marathons, 25 half marathons, a 70.3 half Ironman, and a 140.6 Ironman. Check out Megan's blog to learn more about her running adventures. 

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Megan Mayer Fitness offers 3 bundles. The MCM Nutritional Bundle, the MCM Fit Guide and MCM Food Guide Bundle, and the MCM Ultimate Bundle.   

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My Running Playlist

My Running Playlist

I love music! It always pumps me up and makes me go stronger. I never listen to music durning training runs but I usually take it with me during ra...
Ironman Louisville Race Review

Ironman Louisville Race Review

I signed up for my first ironman in February. I didn't own a bike and I hadn't been on one since I was about 10. I started swimming in January and ...
How I Trained For My First Ironman

How I Trained For My First Ironman

My Ironman race is so close, only 14 days away! We have put in so many training hours into this race but I am still nervous and I will definitely n...