MCM Fit Guide

MCM Fit Guide

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An 8 week workout plan

The workouts can be done at home. You do not have to have dumbbells but I recommend getting a pair.

Included in the guide:

  • 2 total body circuits  
  • 3 total body workouts per week   
  • The workouts are reusable and can be repeated after the 8 weeks. You can make the exercises harder by adding or increasing weights and reputations.
  • 4 Cardio options
  • A Treadmill Workout
  • A full glossary with bigger pictures and explanation of every exercise.
  • 62 page digital guide
  • A few quick food tips
  • Warm up and Stretching guides
  • Sample workout schedule
  • I suggest skipping the cardio moves in this guide if you are less than 14 weeks out from a half marathon or marathon. You will be getting enough cardio in your runs.  
  • This program can be downloaded to your computer or phone. You will immediately receive a link to download this guide upon purchase.
  • 10% of each sale will be donated to St. Jude Children's Research Hospital. 


Megan is a NSCA-Certified Personal Trainer, Functional Movement Systems Certified, and has a degree in Health and Exercise Science from the University of Oklahoma.